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Thanks to a perfect command of the language and above all to an excellent knowledge of the Spanish real estate market, Elite 21 is your ideal partner to buy a property in Spain with confidence.

We offer you a tailor-made service from our first meeting in Switzerland to the completion of your acquisition in Spain.

We count among our partners a vast network of specialists in Spain: (lawyers, bankers, promoters, rental experts, etc.)

The Spanish Real Estate market

More and more Swiss people want to buy real estate in Spain. First of all, it should be remembered that the investments made in Spain by the Swiss are not an affair that can be considered recent, since it has been carried out for more than 50 years. The proximity, the climate, the food, as well as the good image that the Swiss have of the Spaniards were decisive when choosing Spain as a country of investment and destination.

In addition, the price of real estate in Spain is decisive when investing in the Spanish real estate sector. We can confirm that real estate in Switzerland reaches an inaccessible price for many of these citizens, in Spain on the other hand can meet them at a very attractive price. Daily flights from Geneva are a fundamental factor, as well as the quality of the Spanish highways facilitate travel to Spanish cities.

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Why buy in Spain

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The assets that have made Spain the investment par excellence of recent years, whether as a place to spend your retirement or as a vacation spot, are undoubtedly:

  • The climate: very mild winters in the south.
  • Easy access: many “low cost” flights from Switzerland.
  • And an incomparable quality of life: attendance all year round, and a cost of living below European averages.


One of the main reasons for moving to Spain is an economic reason. In Switzerland taxes are much higher than in Spain and for this reason the Swiss decide to settle in Spain in order to benefit from lower taxes. If we add to this a quality of life at a more economical price than in their countries, in fact, it is much more profitable to live in Spain than in their own country.

Switzerland and Spain have signed a double taxation agreement, so Swiss buyers are not taxed twice. However, it is mandatory to declare the value of the property in your Swiss tax return. Generally speaking, if you spend more than 183 days per year in Spain, you are a tax resident and must pay your taxes there.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 10% VAT,

  • 1.5% registration fees for the deed,

  • 1% Additional costs (notary, re1% lawyer fees – Optionalgister, tax stamps,).

  • 1% de frais d’avocat – Facultatif

People who stay abroad temporarily remain subject to compulsory health insurance in Switzerland, as long as they remain domiciled in Switzerland.

You must obtain an Aliens Register Number (NIE). As part of a residence in Spain the NIE must be requested exclusively in Spain from the National Police Station of the chosen place of residence. Please note, the NIE for residents and non-residents is not the same: the process to obtain the latter can be done at the Consulate General of Spain in Geneva, Bern or Zurich.

No, but you must nevertheless make a spontaneous declaration following your purchase. Indeed, it is mandatory to pay the non-resident tax, which is declared spontaneously.

Reservation :

When signing the purchase offer, a deposit is paid pending the signing of the sales agreement. The sum of this deposit generally varies between € 3,000 and € 6,000.

Sales agreement:

This is a private sub-signing document signed between the parties. Of course, the signing of this document is prior to the signing of the public deed before the notary.

By this deed, you agree to sign a public deed before a notary within a specified period. If you fail to respect your commitments, you will lose your deposit.

Depending on the deadlines and negotiated conditions, you may be asked for a second deposit.

Deed of sale :

“The authentic deed of sale” is a public document signed before the notary. In this deed, the parties will manifest before the notary their willingness to sell and buy and the conditions provided, the notary will validate these declarations and he will ensure the “materiality” of the sale through various verifications (legitimacy of the seller, payment of taxes, foreclosures, debts, easements, etc.).

  • Obtain a NIE (alien identification number). The lawyer’s office will take care of it if you request it when you are there. If this is not the case, you must make a request to the Spanish consulate in Switzerland.

  • Open a bank account in Spain, ideally done when you are there.

  • If you are married under the regime of separation of property, have a sworn translation of your marriage contract.

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