Before buying



In order to present you with a first selection of properties corresponding to your different search criteria. It all starts with a first interview with one of our employees in Switzerland.

He will analyze your expectations and determine with you the region, the type of property and the budget.


Once the common pre-selection has been made, it is in Spain that the discovery is made and the criteria are refined.

This is why we organize your tailor-made prospecting trip for you, during which you will be accompanied by one of our employees who will present you with the real estate opportunities that suit you.

And if you find your dream home, your trip will be reimbursed.


Viviendas_cocina acabado madera

Because each of our clients’ homes must be unique and represent their owner, we offer a wide range of customization options so you can imprint your style in every corner of your new home.

A team of interior designers will accompany you and analyze the spaces, your needs and your style to develop a personalized project, advising you on the choice of materials and the decoration of your home with elements of the highest quality, style and comfort.

Rent my property

Would you like to rent out your property?

We provide you with a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to the rental of property in the different regions of the country with tailor-made rental management.

You can therefore decide to invest in Spain by aiming to rent out the purchased property, or even reserve a period of occupancy of your apartment / house and rent the property out the rest of the time.

You should know that the rental market remains very interesting. Spain is still one of the 3 most visited destinations in the world to this day.


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